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Elite Soccer Player: Same VO2 Max As 2:36 Marathoner | Runner ...

It found the average player had a VO2 max of 62 to 64 (to be precise, 62-64 mL x min-1x kg-1, which is how VO2 max is measured and stated in exercise labs).

Maximal aerobic power characteristics of male professional ...

Conclusions: This study provides effect-magnitude estimates for the influence of performance level, player position, age, and season time on VO2max in men's elite soccer. The findings from a robust data set indicate that VO2max values ~62-64 mL · kg-1 · min-1 fulfill the demands for aerobic capacity in men's professional soccer and that VO2max is not a clearly distinguishing variable separating players of different standards.

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VO2 Maximum of College Athletes

Based on data compiled from this review, the range of average VO2 max values for males was found to be between 54.5 and 61.9 ml/kg*min (see table 1 for details concerning each study). In comparison, the range of average values for females was - 42.2- 61.8 ml/kg*min (see table 2). Table 1- Studies reporting VO2 max of college aged male soccer players

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soccer players. VO 2 Max testing has commonly been used to evaluate and develop high-intensity sport specifi c training protocols designed to target and maximize ventilatory thresholds [1-3]. Elevations in VO 2 Max are desirable to enhance current play capacity of even the highest level players. As a result, many training and injury prevention

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VO2 Max. This work consists of the hard and progressive work of the athlete on a treadmill until he cannot continue. The expired air is analyzed during the endurance test and the maximum oxygen consumption is calculated, which is the best way to measure the aerobic capacity of the footballer .

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A Premier League footballer's VO2 Max, which is the maximum or optimum rate at which the heart, lungs, and muscles can effectively use oxygen during exercise, is between 60-70ml. Take the recordings of the average male between the ages of 20-29 and you'll find they measure in at 38-43ml.

A physiological evaluation of professional soccer players

Eighteen players were evaluated on cardiorespiratory function, endurance performance, body composition, blood chemistry, and motor fitness measures near the end of their competitive season. The following means were observed: age, 26 yrs; height, 176 cm; weight 75.5 kg; resting heart rate, 50 beats/min; maximum heart rate (MHR), 188 beats/min; maximum oxygen intake (VO2 max), 58.4 ml/kg-min-1; maximum ventilation (VEmax BTPS), 154 L/min; body fat, 9.59%; 12-min run, 1.86 miles; and Illinois ...

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Data from the Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas indicate that the average (50th percentile) VO max for men 20-29 years old is 44 milliliters of oxygen for each kilogram of body weight; the average for women in this age group is 37. Values decline with age: Men 40-49 years old have average values of 40 and women, 33.